Why we choose Flutter

As a mobile app developer, we build our apps in Flutter. Why Flutter? Simply, because it matches our expectations and it's a joy to work with. We love to build amazing mobile apps. We are not easily satisfied and don't like to compromise. Needless to say, our expectations are high.

Not up to speed on Flutter yet? Read our "What is Flutter?"-article.

Never compromise on the desired user experience in the long-term

A good app has a laser focus on providing the needed user experience, functionality, and business value. Rome was not built in a day. The ultimate UX maybe isn't possible from day one. Nevertheless, it should always be the ambition to reach that. Above all, it should be a product strategy decision. Not a technology decision because the underlying tech cannot deliver what you need.

A great app shouldn’t mean infinite budgets

We all know Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the likes. Their pockets run deep and they have thousands of engineers. That sets an expectation that you need a major budget to build mobile apps. That’s simply not true. We believe you can build a great mobile app with /any/ budget.

A great mobile app is never finished

Technology evolves fast, user expectations grow and business priorities change. That means your mobile app will have to grow and evolve as well.
A good product strategy and flexible technology will enable you to address these challenges.

Perfect is boring

We always strive for perfection. But it shouldn’t be an excuse for not moving forward. Sometimes good, is good enough.
The careful balance between waiting for perfection and shipping what is good enough is where we shine. Iterating and improving every time beats the false sense of security of delaying for perfection.


We choose to mainly work with Flutter because it enables us to build our mobile apps how we want to build them. How they should be built.
It allows us to minimise compromises, iterate quickly and go fast without giving up quality.