We are a Belgian-based studio building global products

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'Hey, this might work!'
The words that express the feeling of being onto something new and exciting

We all know the thrill of a new idea. That positive energy of believing it might actually work, despite possible challenges along the way.

This is our inspiration.

What makes it work for us? 

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People centered

People are at the center of our work and our collaborations. We aim to create inclusive products designed for everyone.

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Our people are the secret to success. We choose our team carefully.

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Straight Forward

No endless chit-chat. We take action and work step-by-step towards our goals.

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We balance business, design, and technology to build simple and amazing products.

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Clear language

No buzzwords and generalities. We like clear language that doesn’t distract from the work to be done.

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Own products

We practice what we preach by building our own products and ventures.

After a long search for a good partner, we ended up choosing This might work. The combination of their design and development skills was the deciding factor to start a collaboration.

Nicolas Roose, Founder Weerflash