Why This might work

"Hey, this might work!"

The words that express the feeling of being onto something new and exciting. 
We all know the thrill of a new idea. That positive energy of believing it might actually work, despite possible challenges along the way.

This is our inspiration.

The inspiration comes from a book by Seth Godin, called the "Icarus Deception'.

The thesis in this book is that everyone is an artist. Everyone is creative. We have been led to believe that we are not. We are made to believe that only "real artists" are creative. Our brain has an internal resistance that keeps us from creating and sharing our work. This is also valid when trying something new, such as starting a new company. Your brain will find excuses to not even try.

Coming up with reasons why something will fail is easy. Easier than convincing yourself that something will work. But you have to try. So when you tell yourself "this might not work".  Don't see it as a reason to stop. Flip the argument. If it might not work, it might also work. So tell yourself, "this might work" and go for it.

This might work is a constant reminder that creativity and innovation requires you to find confidence, trust your skills and take a leap.