5 Tips to get you started on your digital product

As a partner of Start it @ KBC we were asked to share our five tips to get you started on your digital product.

Tip 1: Think about your plan after the launch

The launch of your first version or MVP is just a first step. That's when it all starts.

You need to plan ahead and think about how you will evolve your product. Make sure you can measure what users are doing in your app. This will help you make the right decision on how to improve your product.

Tip 2: Solve your user's problems

This sounds logical. Yet we often see founders approaching ideas and problems from their own point of view. The risk here is building something that doesn't solve problems in the end. So take the time to map out problems and needs. Get to know your users and understand your target audience.

Tip 3: Dare to make choices

Time and money are very important as a startup. So dare to make choices on how to spend them. You have to work step by step towards your full vision. A good product strategy will help you focus on the core value of your product. You often need fewer features than you think. So start simple and take it from there.

Tip 4: Pay enough attention to the user experience

People want to use simple and intuitive apps. It's crucial to keep this in mind from the start. Make everything look and work as natural as possible. A great user experience is what users expect. That is your responsibility.

Tip 5: Make smart technology choices

Go for proven technologies and limit the number of technologies in your tech stack. This way you will limit the number of different skills you need and your development costs won't go through the roof. That is why we work with Flutter and Firebase for mobile apps. We can build amazing and high-quality apps for Android and iOS, with a backend ready to scale!