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Pendler is a mobile app that crowdsources data to provide clear and realtime information to commuters using the rail network in Belgium. Pendler beliefs the currently available mobile apps are not user-centric and do not easily provide the information people need when they need it. By using an innovative solution based on location beacons the app will provide a real-time estimation of travel time and train locations.

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Product venture

Pendler is an internal product venture at This might work. In this role, we are responsible for all steps during the product lifecycle.

Concept design
Digital product strategy
Product design
Mobile app Development
Overall experience design

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The mobile app is completely developed using Flutter as a cross-platform for mobile development. This allows us to make the app for both iOS and Android with one codebase. One of the benefits is that we can easily iterate on features on both platforms simultaneously.
The backend of the app is build using Firebase. Firebase is a scalable mobile development platform which offers authentication, database, cloud processing and notifications. 
The combination of Flutter and Firebase is our favourite tech stack to use. 

Pendler UX/UI design screens
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Pendler is still under development as a side project, more information can be found at

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