Encouraging people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

How we designed a walking app to help people become more active


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Walky is a startup with a mission to help people become more active and increase awareness about sustainability. The Walky team recognized two major trends they wanted to act upon. 25% of people don't exercise regularly due to their jobs require them to sit at a desk most of the time. As a result, sitting is often named the new smoking. 93% of millennials prefer to buy for brands that embody sustainability. These two trends provide an interesting opportunity for Walky. Walky approached us to help them shape the first version of their mobile app.

What did we do?

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What we did

We started by deconstructing the idea into its essential components during an Explore & discover-track. The starting point was to better understand the wants and needs of the users.

During a co-creation workshop, we first created several persona’s to help us understand users’ attitudes and goals. We were able to define two distinct groups, two customer segments to target. With our persona’s in hand, we created a value proposition canvas for each one. This helped us understand the jobs-to-be-done, pains, and gains a user might experience.

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Once we completed the value proposition canvas for each persona’s we brainstormed on what features might create gains, or relieve pains we identified earlier. This helps us decide which features are valuable and which ones are not and how to prioritize them.

As a final step, we combined the different perspectives and shaped several MVP alternatives for Walky. To make it more concrete we designed concept screens for the mobile app. For a startup such as Walky, this is immensely useful to easily communicate their vision.

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What's next?

Walky now has a clear view of its customer segments and value proposition. The MVP alternatives will provide a great guide for implementing their concept soon.

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"The end-result perfectly reflected the norms and values we stand for: sustainability, user-friendliness en having a real impact."

Bart Windey, CEO Walky