Rewarding loyal customers throughout the year

How we created a loyalty platform for Steylaerts and azuleo







Sustainable businesses are built on loyal customers, that's no different for Steylaerts. As champions of home renovation in Belgium, they help people realise their dream interior. Steylaerts works in close collaboration with professional installers to achieve this. We helped them strengthen their professional relationships. The idea? Build a fun and engaging loyalty experience.

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Detailed artwork for the azuleo app built by this might work
Detailed artwork for the Steylaerts app built by this might work
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Two brands, one platform

In reality they are working under two brands, Steylaerts and azuleo. Because both Steylaerts and azuleo have their unique brand identity it was critical to have these reflected in the app. Our team designed the app with this in mind while also maximising the reuse of assets and code.

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Best friends visit regularly

Steylaerts rewards professionals with points for each order they place. To elevate the whole experience throughout the year we added others ways to gain points. Because best friends visit regularly, professionals are also rewarded with points when they visit the showrooms or warehouses. A great addition to the experience and a great challenge for our team. We had to use geofencing to automatically award points when professionals walked trough the door.

Detailed onboarding artwork for the Steylaerts app built by this might work
A bathroom created by Steylaerts
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"It was a delight to work together with This might work. They are professional, reliable, and experienced. The whole process from the first contact to the launch of our apps was very smooth."

Patrick Steylaerts, CEO Steylaerts