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Hood is an online platform that helps people discover fashion and new brands. Hood first approached us to help them reinvent the concept of lookbooks used by fashion brands.

What did we do?

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"A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, photographer, style, stylist, or clothing line." Wikipedia

Hood's idea wanted to help brands make their lookbooks available to anyone. The platform would allow consumers to search, filter, and discover new brands based on their preferences. A key part of Hood's vision is to let consumers create collections of brands and products they like. These collections can then be shared as digital storefronts. 

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How we helped

Hood envisioned a complex platform with several parties that needed to play an active part. To validate their ideas with key stakeholders Hood wanted to build a first MVP in the form of a product brand and product prototype. This prototype could be used to validate some of Hood's assumptions with brands and consumers.

We worked together to generate the first interactive prototype using Adobe XD. We designed a brand identity for Hood which did not yet exist. Using the brand identity as a starting point we created a user experience that expressed a digital version of lookbooks. 

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